Saturday, 17 January 2015

Planer för 2015

Egentligen tycker jag det är lite läskigt att berätta om mina planer, eftersom jag är rädd jinxar dom då. Men så fick jag frågan direkt, från Nora på Kollabora: What are your plans for 2015? (Och Nora är ju inte vilken Nora som helst - hon är kvinnan som skapade åt Burda samt founder och CEO för Kollabora.

En kreativ panel på Kollabora fick svara på en hög med frågor om 2015, så det är väl inte mer än rättvist att jag gör samma sak när jag nu tyckte att det var så inspirerande att läsa svaren.

I'm a bit hesitant about telling about my plans, since I'm afraid to jinx it by speaking about them. But when asked directly, and by no other than Nora at Kollabora, I had to answer. A creative panel at Kollabora answered a bunch of questions, and it's only fair that I do the same since it really inspired me. 

What craft would you like to learn in 2015?
I would love to try some pearl or bead embroidery - I'm so totally fascinated by Lesage and love hand sewing, so something small like a necklace or collar is on my list.

What skills would you like to improve on?
All. But "couture sewing" above all. And something about time - getting more done!

What goals do you have for your blog or site in 2015?
More visitors and more connection with the sewing community. 

What big craft purchases do you have planned in the new year?
Hopefully not too big, but a haberdashery cabinet would be wonderful. And the usual fabric hoarding of course.

What’s the biggest blog or tech obstacle you want to overcome in 2015? 
Understanding SEO so all the good (hrm) stuff I write is actually found by someone!

How do you plan to keep your projects organized for 2015?
I really hope this will work: New Year's Revolution for the big picture, Pinterest for inspiration, Padlet for my different projects and Google Keep for all the reminders! (Have I mentioned I like organizing and planning...?)
Update: Padlet is gone and Trello is tested instead. 

Do you have any advice for setting blog or craft goals?
Slow and steady wins the race? That's what I hope at least!

What advice to you have for someone looking to start their own blog or site?
Do more, plan less? And do it because it's fun, not because you should.

What do you think is missing in tech or blog platforms that would help your blog or site succeed?
No idea.

What has been the most helpful resource to you this year?
The internet in its entirety - where else can you find anything from inspiration (from yesterday or from 1953) to knowledge and friends at the blink of an eye?

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