Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sewer's block

I have a cabinet full of lovely fabric.
Fabric cabinet
I have a very long list of possible projects.
Sewing plan Trello
I have a bunch of possible patterns - not including all I can draft by myself.

I have a couple of unfinished objects under my bed.

And still I don't get started. What do you do when you suffer from creative melt down?


  1. I too suffer from sewer's block! I have not been able to sit down to the machine for like 3 months now. I used see from early til super late and even neglected the high priority tasks as I was tooootally addicted to sewing. Burned out perhaps? Maybe. All I know is that projects -particularly other people's projects...have been piling up on me. But a revamp and total attitude overhaul has helped I think. I decided that I need to commit to one project at a time and really make my ultimate goal each time to actually finish a project from start to finish. (I love to start a new project... I'll get too excited about the next one and lose interest with the current done. And also prioritize your to do list in order of preferred projects first? I hate a project twice as much if it's not even for me. Lol. And another thing that helps me is accountability.... Oh and a projected deadline is always good to prevent it it from joining all my other "rollover to do projects" lmao I found if I verbally proclaim out loud to a few people that I am working on a particular project it makes me want to finish it (in case they ask to see it when I finish lol). My unfinished projects are rediculous. Idk. Just thinking out loud through this comment but hopefully at least one of those will help. :)) please let me know what ultimately helps you! I'd love to hear. Good luck!

    1. I'm still not any closer to my sewing machine... But since I'm working very long hours at my "real" job, maybe it's not so strange that I don't have much creative energy left for evenings and weekends? I'm hoping that this long easter weekend will be good for me! And thank you for your kind advice - I'll give some of them a try. :)


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