Saturday, 23 May 2015

The return

I've said it before. Inspiration can come from the strangest places. Last summer it was gluten free scones for a week in Bath, followed by a video on Charles James by Gertie.

This time it seems like it's Barbie that brings my sewing mojo back. And that is perhaps not as strange as it may sound - she's been the height of fashion for the past 50-60 years; I loved to dress her as a child (and teenager...) and have no problem "helping" my nieces with their Barbies. For her sixth birthday K will get the full aunt-experience: with sleepover, some food including Nutella and sewing a Barbie dress. Have you looked on Pinterest for sewing Barbie clothes? I warn you - what happened to me could happen to you. I found Matisse Fashion and Doll Patterns, and wow can this lady sew. And her style is impeccable! I don't want these clothes for Barbie - I WANT THEM FOR MYSELF.

So now I'm working on the Ultimate Dress Pattern.

As you can see on my new Pinterest board - Barbie's Vintage Wardrobe - the dresses are of a rather simple cut and construction, but in exquisite materials and colours. They would be easy to make by modifying a simple, slim (and well-fitting!) sheath with sleeves. So there's my ambition for this weekend - making the pattern and getting the perfect fit and then finally start with one of my many new glorious fabrics...
(Well maybe not starting with the real fabric this weekend; I also need to share my blouse with the world (since I'm sure everyone is just waiting for me to do so), return some shoes, do some accounting, and modify a dress stand so I can show off my Dior jacket at work. More on that another day.)

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