Saturday, 13 June 2015

Creative at work

For the past weeks, we have a small exhibition at work showing off our different creative skills. Of course, I brought some of my creations - the Dior jacket and a cocktail hat.
Dress forms
Since I wanted to use my regular dress form, Lady Valet, at home for sewing, I decided to use my regular dress form. The problem with that one is that she is so much skinnier than I am. A size 32 or 34 I think. The Dior jacket looked like a sack - not so fun. So I decided to pad the dress form to suit the jacket. It was actually a lot of fun. I used wadding (that I bought and tested to use inside the peplum, but decided against) and the a corset on top. The hips needed a lot of help to mimic my own...
Padded dress form
I took the bus to work that day, and for about a week more, this is what you can see while having lunch and drinking coffee.
Cocktail hat
Dior jacket

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