Sunday, 14 June 2015

What to wear?

My identity crisis in the wardrobe continues. I wrote about it in January, but felt rather confident about my winter clothes and the keywords Tailored - Ladylike - Strong - Luxurious. It proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought.

I haven't sewn as much as I thought/hoped. As I've said before, I find it hard to be creative when I'm creative at work - and I have been. I can't think about sewing after ten hours of project management.

I do have a new exercising habit. At least two times a week, with either a very good PT or a very good Pilates class. It changes the body.

My vintage is falling apart. Literally.

And almost only dresses for winter and fall.

Luckily for my wardrobe crisis, spring and summer has taken forever to arrive. But now it's here and I feel like I have nothing to wear.

I'm not the only one going through changes. Liz of Xtabay Vintage apparently did the same some time ago. She managed to come out on the other side - I have my doubts about me doing the same.

Today I tried on all dresses that are suitable or at least wearable during summer (meaning, wool and heavy silks not included). It took about an hour, felt like an eternity and left me with a mixed feeling of "I really don't have anything to wear" / "who am I and what the h*ll happened" / "I might as well kill myself" / "I hope I can go to dinners and cocktail parties all summer, because that part of the wardrobe is rather nice".

This is what I'm left with. I like the colour scheme. That's good. But then...
Summer clothes
There are a couple of "no, not really but I actually have to wear something" - the white with blue roses to the right, the lime with diagonal checks, the white with tiny blue flowers and the blue with white pattern on the left (bought for nothing in India). The white with pale pink roses is a border line case of like and don't like; I need to wear it in real life to be sure. The lilac with feathers, the bright blue and green and the mint green lace are only for dinners or times when I really feel like it. The dark green could be too warm for summer.

Dresses in numbers:
4 not really, but...
1 perhaps
3 for those special times
5 yes (as long it isn't more than 25 degrees C. And 2 of those are a bit on the fancy side.)

The rest:
2 yes-skirts
1 perhaps-skirt
1 yes blouse (but to wear with what?)

This is the no-no-no-pile. Including the coral one I made for myself a couple of years ago. There is a time for everything and for letting go.
Summer clothes to charity
And the alteration pile.
Vintage dresses TLC
I love the dark silk dress, but the fabric in the sleeves is completely torn. If I remove them I can at least wear the rest for a while. But perhaps that one is too fancy for ordinary days as well? I think I've worn the black-and-red once a week for the past year, but after spending almost 24 hours straight in it after serious problems with the train system, it really needed a wash. So I actually dared to put it in the laundry machine. It shrank a little bit (but that was only good/see exercising above) and some seams and the hem need reinforcement. The blue-grey silk is a favourite of mine; I love the colour and fabric but the fit below the waist is actually awful those days.

Should I hope for a cold summer or take a really long holiday on Iceland (but those dresses aren't made for rain either...)? I've spent a couple of hours the past few days searching for both inspiration and actual dresses. and it made me even more unhappy. If I just stay inside and wear some black jersey...?

The Wardrobe Architect Summer (on Pinterest) is very limited. And I don't even like to be on the beach that much. The Ultimate Dress Pattern is on its way; I'm working on toille number three. The changes between one, two and three are tiny - some more here, a little less there. I'll cut a new set of sleeves before moving on to real fabric; my posture has changed due to all that exercise so my front shoulders (if you understand what I mean) needs a lot more space.

So what do I wear tomorrow?

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