Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A slippery slope, adventures in ready-to-wear - and a new bedroom

I need routines to keep things going. If I've decided to exercise 2-3 times a week, that works brilliantly until I think it's ok to skip it just this once. If I've decided to only eat cakes 2 times a week, that works until I just for one week do it three times. Then four. Five. Every day? If I've decided to blog 1-2 times a week, that goes well until I just skip this one week, because I'm not really feeling it. It's a slippery slope.

Then the weeks pass and I'm not feeling it at all. Which is so stupid, since I actually love blogging and love that I have so many new followers on Bloglovin'. (Welcome!) I guess this is all thanks to the lovely new category of Sewing. (Since I'm back on track on the exercise and cakes, I hope I'm at it here as well.)

Of course, it does have something to do with my wardrobe crisis, vintage crisis and the rather ambitious idea of the perfect dress pattern. I went as far to think that I would just give up and do what every one else is doing - buy my clothes. I bought a bikini (no news there, I'm not too keen on sewing one), an actual new dress (knitted in heavy viscose so not something I could easily make. Still felt like cheating) and a basic black jersey pencil skirt. It was a good beginning, but wouldn't keep me dressed for the summer so I took my credit card and went to Copenhagen. I thought I would come back with at least four dresses and then some. Well, I did come home with "then some" - a rain coat dressed up as a trench coat (since it's been pouring down all spring and early summer) and the short shorts. They are not high waisted as I wished, but fits ok, the fabric is nice and there are some nice details on them.
Black shorts
But it also made me realise that I've become far too choosy to buy ready-to-wear. The fit, the fabrics, the sewing, the price. Like the shorts above. The fit is ok but not great. The fabric is nice, but 50% polyester (but 50% viscose). The model is nice, but lacks the high waist. The price was ok. The dresses I tried on all had some fault - to short most of the time. Too tight in the bust or too loose in the waist or too snug on the hips. Metres upon metres of polyester. Prices sometimes so low I couldn't even begin to think what the seamstress earned, and sometimes so high I gasped (2500 dkk for polyester?).

I was rather low when I came home. I had hoped for a quick-fix, but sadly no. So it was just back to the sewing table. Or not quite, for another reason for my absence is this.

Redecorating my bedroom.
Bedroom before
The very bright blue (think MFF-blå for you Swedes) heavy textured (with sawdust!) walls are now covered in several layers of plaster and painted in the perfect shade of sea-green. The beige plastic carpet is long gone (together with the plywood, the linoleum, and other coverings) and the pine boards are sanded and varnished. It's like walking on velvet.
New bedroom with sea green walls | www.stinap.com
This little project, scheduled to take four days, took four weeks. The bed covered my living room and clothes and fabrics the kitchen and hall. I was slightly going crazy. And not really sewing more than a couple of minutes here and there on the never ending toille of the Ultimate Dress Pattern. But finally, that was enough and yesterday I did the final draft of the pattern. I'm ready to start with the real deal!

(I just hope there won't be another heat wave coming my way. But please, not 15 degrees and rain for the rest of the summer...)
Sunset Helsingborg july 2015
The best with heat waves really are the evenings. Magic.

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