Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I'm not turning into a vintage interior blog - and thread

I am sewing!

But that's not what I wanted to share today. (Well, maybe a sneak peak. Have I mentioned that I'm afraid of jinxing it? It goes for showing creations in progress as well.)

The past weeks, new things have entered my apartment. Some sewing related, some not, but all vintage. I won't turn this into a vintage home decorating blog, but I still want to share some beautiful pieces with you (and flea markets are an essential part of who I am).
Vintage glass | www.stinap.com
Some glass. The bonbonniere is from my brother-in-law's aunt's partner's mother - just let us call her the mother. The glasses are from a great antique shop near Helsingborg, and the decanter and hanger from Helsingborgs antikmässa (Helsingborg's Antique Fair) that I visited last week. You know, I have a thing for hangers in velvet...
Vintage thread | www.stinap.com
Vintage thread and old lace... Also from the mother. The proportions are rather funny here, they look like ordinary 1000 metre spools, right? Well, they are not. The largest ones are from Lille, France with 9140 metres (10 000 yards)! on them. I've never seen so large and so old thread spools before. And she wasn't a professional seamstress, she didn't even sew very much - but she saved ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING (the capital letters according to my brother-in-law's aunt). The smaller ones "only" have 5600 metres and are from Mölnlycke, Sweden. All cotton, and I guess I have basting thread for the rest of my life. (Update: But she worked in a textile fabric in Åstorp, as some sort of examiner!)

Finally, the pièce de la résistance (at least for this month...) - a vintage sewing table.
Vintage sewing table | www.stinap.com
I've been searching for something like this for a couple of years, on and off. But they've been too low (I want to combine it with putting-my-computer-there-when-I-look-at-TV-in-the-sofa), in too bad shape, in ugly wood or something else. But suddenly this appeared at an auction house here in Helsingborg. I went to look at it, placed my bid and presto; I got it for absolutely nothing. The best bit is of course when you open it.
Vintage sewing table silk thread | www.stinap.com
It's not antique - it's in rococo style but I guess it's from the 1940's-1950's, and in mahogany. (Just like my dinner set; also in mahogany, from the same auction house and bought for next to nothing. I clearly have different taste from the rest of the people in this town.) And now it's filled with all my silk thread - mostly vintage, but some new spools as well. I really like sewing with silk. And buying lots of silk thread.
Vintage sewing table with silk thread | www.stinap.com
And yes, all this carrying in means I have to start carrying out... But right now I'm sewing!
Inserting zipper by hand | www.stinap.com
(With silk thread. Obviously.)

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