Friday, 10 July 2015

The essence of Dior

Showing off my Dior jacket before heading to Paris is by far my most read post.
Christian Dior jacket with peplum
The funny thing is that I started to call it the Dior jacket way back when I started the project, even though I didn't have a  clear reference object. It was more about the essence of Dior than actually copying Dior.

Or at least I thought so, until one day when I was browsing Pinterest as you do. And there it was - the Dior jacket. My jacket.
Christian Dior suit 1950
It links to a dead end, so I know nothing more than 1950 Christian Dior. The collar is there. The peplum and the padded hips. My buttons are nicer and I don't have any pockets. This photo would have been the ultimate inspiration. (You can read about construction in previous posts; skirt and collar, peplum and the padded hips and finally, button-holes and lining)

But I will say that I nailed the essence of Dior.
Christian Dior suit Stina P


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