Sunday, 20 September 2015

Seriously - I've got nothing to wear

This morning, I pulled out all clothes for autumn and winter, and tried them on, just like I did with my summer clothes a couple of months back. I would say this was just as bad. There was nothing that made me feel "Yes! I love this" and that's rather heartbreaking for someone like me. 
Autumn clothes vintage dresses |
I repeat - there was nothing that I'm looking forward to wear. That calls for some serious action... 

Some vintage I'm letting go of - they just aren't right anymore. Some will be kep in the closet for nostalgia - the grey Dior I never got a chance to wear - some because I like the idea of copying them. Some I need to think about - are they worth all the work they need or should I just sell them? Some will need quite a bit of hours, but I think it'll be worth it. The blue in the middle for example, a dress I bought a couple of years ago. It's low in the back, high in the front, with a small shawl collar that ends with long tails, and neither a really full skirt nor a fitted one. I don't like the tails, and I don't like the width (anymore. I did from the beginning.) But the fabric is a nice wool flannel with a flower pattern in blue. I think it would be great as a wiggle dress - but that will take a couple of hours. 

So after celebrating my brother's birthday today I didn't continue working on the lace. I did some very intensive sewing on the black pencil skirt (part of my Dior suit) and the red and black brocade so now both are wearable. (But still not YES!)
Mending a pencil skirt |
This poor skirt has been through a lot the past years - I think this is the fourth time that I've reduced it in size. It's a lovely thick double wool crêpe, but I've mistreated it and there's a bit of sheen to it due to too much pressing. I really should make another black pencil skirt...
Mending a vintage dress |
Proof that I actually use the sewing machine once in awhile. The dress has been fraying a bit, but mostly I wanted to give it some more shape and increased the darts. 

I'm still contemplating the Wardrobe Architect. But you can't go wrong with a black pencil skirt, a black knitted top and a statement necklace. (Just need the necklace...)


  1. I can understand you so well. I have also cleaned my closet, but most of the garments I kept just to have something to wear and not because I love them. Still trying to find my style, though....

    1. Oh! That's not a good feeling. If clothes didn't matter so much to me, I could just buy/sew/find someone to sew for me some sort of basic wardrobe; the trousers, the skirt, the shirt. But I care to much... (Your recent dress on your blog is really nice btw!)


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