Monday, 14 September 2015

Sewing in lace part four - endless hand sewing

It feels like a never ending story of hand sewing. I don't mind per se; I like sewing by hand. I first basted the soutache lace to the silk layers. I did it at even 10 centimetres intervals, since I thought it would be handy for the next step.
Basting lace |
Or rather - the next step was the rather nerve-racking cutting in the lace. No turning back, and tiny seam allowances centre back...
Cutting lace |
Then, the next step was to secure the lace permanently,and now the even rows of basting came in handy. I simply used a running stitch, tiny on the right sight in the middle of the soutache, and larger on the back, depending on the distance of the soutache.
Attaching lace |
Attaching lace back |
A rather nice couple of hours of sewing, but now I have the real deal looming over my head. Will the darts and seams be too bulky? How do I finish the raw edges? Should I line it? And not too much time; I'm very much in doubt to whether I'll finish a blouse as well. Two weeks to go...
Sewing lace |


  1. AAB: I make all sorts of things! I mostly make birds (usually for wedding cakes) and tiny little animals, but I love quilting too, when I can find the time. I sew something every single day. No lie. best sewing machine for kids

  2. Amazing work, wish I had the patience and skill for this. EmbroideryCritics

  3. Different sewing machines come with different stitches. The basic machines may only have a few stitches, which if all you are going to be doing is mending, a few is all you need.


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