Saturday, 19 September 2015

The evolution continues...

... and the frustration.

Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work. I felt - like I've felt way too many times this past year - that I really don't have anything to wear. So I thought I should wear the sky blue dress I finished a month ago, despite the fact that there is some slight tear in the centre back seam. I had planned to fix it before I wore it, but... There's been lace sewing on my free days and non-stop project management the other days. So I thought I could stand up most of the day not to increase the strain on the seam, and then fix it.

Turns out my working out have led to amazing results this past month. Not amazing results for my wardrobe however. The dress hangs like a sack of hay over the hips. I almost started to cry. But I really didn't have time for that, so instead I put on the black circle skirt (free hips!) that I've worn at least once but more likely twice a week and went to work. This morning I actually woke up with a heavy heart, didn't quite understand why and the remembered. The wardrobe of my dreams just slips away under my fingers.

Yes - I know I sound really dramatic but it's hard to explain how important what I wear is for me. But perhaps it is for you as well?

And yes - I could just give up exercising, eat some more of my favourite cakes and get my hips back, but I actually like working out. It's fun, gives me so much energy and I don't have an aching back or feel like a very, very old person when moving. A year ago I was in such bad shape (no energy, so much pain in my back and shoulders I could hardly work, and rolling a very stiff and heavy body out of bed each morning) and I don't want to go back there.

Yes, I'm almost freaking out over the lace skirt. We won't go into how much money I've payed for those fabrics. The darts are almost done - evidence tomorrow - but I'm really basting the rest for a good fitting before sewing anything. I hope it won't be a disaster.

So it's the wardrobe I need to adapt - and attack. This morning, I went back to the wardrobe architect I made back in January on Pinterest. I was so pleased with it back then, and felt rather smug that I at least knew what I wanted to wear.

Yeah, right. As I said, evolution continues. I still like my keywords - Tailored - Ladylike - Strong - Luxurious - but there's a lot of images I'm not too certain about. Not quite wanting to cry, more frustrated. Now what?

I need to try on what clothes I have for autumn/winter. What's too big and what's not really "me"?
I need to try to find out what actually is "me".
I need to find a way to have at least ten different outfits to rotate. (I've had less this summer and it really isn't fun. Plus it puts a tremendous strain on the clothes.)

The problems are:
My adventures in ready-to-wear didn't turn out so well the last time.
I don't have much time to sew on.
Dark fall wardrobe |
Yes, it really is this dark. The only thing I know is what I like to wear when I'm at home - a black viscose jersey dress and black thights. That doesn't make a great wardrobe. (Or pinterest board.) Welcome Wardrobe Architect Fall 2015-edition.
Wardrobe Architect Fall 2015 |
I'm going to pilates instead.

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