Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The importance of the right clothes

Well, I can't understand how not to take it seriously with clothes. It makes such a huge impact on how I'm feeling; when I have the right clothes I feel so much better, and when I'm in the wrong ones, it really makes me uncomfortable. If I'm doing a presentation at work, I need to feel strong, confident and grown up. If I'm going out to a restaurant, I want something that heightens the occasion and makes it even more special.

Right now, when it feels like I have nothing to wear I wish clothes weren't so important for me. That I could just put on anything and don't think twice about it. I wish that I could just chose a pair of plain jeans and a white shirt and be done.

Noo, not really. Just writing that makes me feel itchy. I'm really not the one for a capsule wardrobe, at least not as they are described in magazines and such. The jean, the black trousers, the white shirt, the grey cashmere sweater and ten white t-shirts. And then you accessorise with a chunky bangle - how novel! How individual!

I'm still working hard with my Wardrobe Architect-board on Pinterest. Yesterday, I wore my Dior pencil skirt - now with a very snug fit - a thin knitted black sweater and a rhinestone necklace from the 1950's, bought in Paris a couple of years ago. I felt so good about myself! (And all my presentations at work turned out really well. Not a co-incidence...)
Rhinestone vintage necklace |
I love big collars. But in reality, they overwhelm me. (Except for the one on my Dior jacket, that's perfectly balanced.)

I love poufy skirts. But in reality, it makes me feel too young and like I should curtsy. (Except for the black circle skirt. Should copy that one then, right?) But wait; going through my boards there aren't as many wide skirts as I thought. Perhaps I don't love them as much as I believed?

I love suits. But in reality, I feel a bit too vintage-y. (Except when wearing my Dior-suit, but that's not an everyday look for me.)

I love hats. But in reality, it's a bit too much, and too vintage-y. Since I made my small collection, I somehow lost the feeling for hats. The photo below was taken several years ago, and I'm not so sure I would be as comfortable in this hat now as I was then.
In vintage hat |
I feel a bit sad that there are so many things I love, but doesn't feel like "me" anymore. I still hold on to some of it, like the vintage hat collection, but by some sort of nostalgia. Is it time to sell more of them? Do I want it to still be me, even when it's not? And it makes me wonder - what changed?
Wardrobe Architect Fall 2015 |
Finding the right clothes for my new board goes really slowly. A lot of black, a lot of Dita von Teese. And slim skirts...


  1. Isn't that strange how we love certain silhouettes but would not wear them? My inspiration board on Pinterest is full of dresses with fitted bodice and flared skirts with petticoats underneath (and some steampunk thrown in between). I do not think that I would feel comfortable wearing these dresses though. Or maybe I would, but would be afraid that people would find it weird.....

    1. I agree - to some extent. :) Some silhouettes are great, but not on me. Others are great on me, but I still don't feel comfortable in it anymore - like the too cute and flowery fit-n-flare-dresses. It rarely has anything to do with other people though - I've always dressed for myself first hand, and even though I've often stood out with petticoats and hats and the whole formula, I've never sensed anyone thinking me weird. More brave to be honest. And it often makes people happy as well.

      So try it on, just once or twice, and see how you feel! Life is too short to wear the wrong clothes. :)

    2. I will Keep that in mind.

  2. I thinks though over-dressing and under-dressing are two extremes in the clothing spectrum, the impact on onlookers are equally as disturbing.

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