Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sewing in lace part six - and it IS a skirt!

With two and a half hours to go, my pencil skirt in dark blue soutache lace was completed. There is something with me and deadlines - the closer I get, the slower I become. But it is completed!
Blue soutache lace pencil skirt front |
So I finished the waistband. (And then I notched the twill tape to make it lie smooth, and cross stitched it to the silk organza.)
Waistband pencil skirt |
And I finished the side seams, with burning the soutache edges and some stitches by hand. (A rather strange pose when you burn things. But I really didn't want to burn the skirt. After wearing the skirt for a day, I realised that the lace turns your tights to a fuzzy mess, so I'll either have to do something about it, or dedicate one pair of tights for the skirt. Right now, it's the former.
Burning lace edges |
Inside lace skirt front |
Inside lace skirt back |
I'm very pleased how the skirt looks inside out - very couture if I may say so. Unfortunately, no one will ever see this again since I've covered it with lining.
Draping lining |
Draping lining |
I did the lining the easy way - measured the skirt at the widest point, took some acetate from the stash (silk was also an option, but it clings so much. I actually like acetate for linings.) and just ripped it to the right measurements. I marked centre front and sides, and then simply pleated along the waistband. I cut the edges with pinking shears and pressed the seam allowances. The only seam is centre back; fell stitching it to the zipper, fell stitching the seam, and finally fell stichting to the slit. And pick stitches for a very narrow double folded hem.
Hemming lace skirt |
Label in lace skirt |
The final touch is always the label - and before that I removed basting threads for 16 minutes. (And one pin that I managed to sew into the hem - another 5 minutes.)

And then I wore the skirt when baby A got her name in church, together with her family and friends, and then after for some food and cakes. A great start for the skirt!
Blue soutache lace pencil skirt side |
Blue soutache lace pencil skirt back |
Read the whole story - in six parts - about this skirt, from beginning to end:
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  1. What a lovely skirt. And definitively worth all the time and effort you put into it. Congratulations that you finished it on time :-)

    1. Thank you! I agree; it was worth all that basting. :)

  2. A really nice looking skirt :) I enjoyed reading about the process!

    1. Thanks! I love reading about the sewing process, so that's what I write about. :)

  3. Such a cool skirt. You explained the process very well. And the skirts amazingly suits on you.


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