Sunday, 15 November 2015

Not an ordinary Sunday

It's been a strange weekend. News of the terror in Paris didn't reach me until Saturday morning. Then I was off to celebrate the birthday of a 2 year old. Today I did an intense workout, while the papers reported that a terrorist cell might have escaped. Everyday life intertwined in terror, death and fear. The attacks in Paris really is an attack on life where joy, love and laughter is the most important things.

It could have been anyone of us. This was my lunch in Paris, just a year ago. 
Lunch in Paris |
It's said over and over again that we must not surrender to terrorism. That we must continue to live our lives in freedom and democracy. So I'll continue with what you normally would find here on a Sunday in November.

I'm trying to choose my five free patterns from BurdaStyle (from being on the BurdaStyle 2015 Best of Blogging List!).

I've made a toile of one of the Burda-patterns I got last year. I don't have a fabric in mind, I just wanted to see if I like the design and if it suits me. I don't like it. Too much fabric on the front. 
Making a toile Burda 118 |
Toile Burda 118 |
I've been sorting buttons and sewing notions in my new old thread cabinet.
Antique thread cabinet |
Antique thread cabinet |
I'm trying to make up my mind on my next project. Black wool crêpe? Green wool? Blue grosgrain? Pale blue wool crêpe? Drafting the pattern myself, using one I already have or start hunting on the big mighty Internet? So many questions. So few answers; at least for today. 


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