Friday, 1 January 2016

I made it - Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge

Last year, I joined the sewing community in the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge.
Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015
I made a rather simple one - to sew from at least one vintage pattern without making lots and lots of changes to the design. I didn't think more of it, until now.

The rules are a vintage pattern or reproduction pattern, and my pledge was to use an original. But the year passed, no sewing from an original vintage pattern. (I made of toile of this Burda reproduction pattern, but I didn't like the fit. I think it's the wrong design for a lady with a bust.) When I remembered my pledge (as it turned up in one year review after another) I was a bit annoyed - but not surprised - that I hadn't fulfilled my pledge. And suddenly realised, that with a bit of a stretch of my pledge (but still following the rules); by making my lovely jacket / cape / whatever it is I actually fulfilled the pledge. The pattern, Vogue Vintage Model V2934, is a proper reproduction from 1950! Mission accomplished! (And I only made minor alterations like shortening the cuffs and using a different closure.)
Jacket Cape V2934 #vintagepledge |
Jacket Cape V2934 #vintagepledge |


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  2. This year the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge will be considerably greater and better, for the most part since I have a co-have! The great Kerry of Kestrel Makes and I will be working enthusiastically to bring you month to month motivation posts as the decades progressed, bits of knowledge into kindred stitchers' vintage design stashes, giveaways and rebates, round-ups of your makes, and last prizes. Energizing stuff, no!?! Regardless of whether you're participating in the promise or not, on the off chance that you have a fortunate or mixed vintage sewing design accumulation we'd love to get notification from you! You could be one of our montly interviewees! chanel boucle fabric


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