Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The ruby red coat in Threads

I had my favourite kind of morning today; it's a National holiday in Sweden so no work. I lit the candles, made eggs and lots of coffee while reading blogs.
Breakfast in January |
Then I got a comment on my own blog that more or less made me jump up and down with joy and pride:
This evening I saw your red coat in Number 183 of Threads Magazine. It's beautiful and quite elegant. Anxiously awaiting your blog detailing the garment's construction. You are to be applauded on your work.
Thank you, thank you kind anonymous reader! I've spent part of the day translating the original blog posts about the ruby red coat since they were mostly in Swedish. So to all my international readers, now you can read about the beginning, the sewing and the end in three new old posts:
The coat begins
How to make a coat
A finished coat
The ruby red coat with pleats |
After Threads contacted me I was afraid of jinxing it, so I was very happy when I signed the photo release. And now I can't wait until I get my hand on a copy of the magazine as well!

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