I wear skirts and dresses every day and see no reason to wear trousers (except for my pyjamas).

I think hats are rather special, to make and to wear.

Over the past few years, I've created quite a lot. For a while, I made clothes on commission for friends and colleagues, but these days I'm a selfish seamstress and only sew for myself. :)

You can see most of my creations here, with links back to the original blog post.

from start to finish in six parts!
The sky blue dress.
Blouse in silk charmeuse.
Ruby red winter coat. Read hereherehere and here!
Dräkt 1950-tal Christian Dior New Look
1950's  and New Look inspired suit in black wool crêpe.
Read the whole - and long! - story!
Dräkt 1950-tal Christian Dior New Look
Rubiz from the small hat collection Jewels Hiver 1951For sale.
Saphir from the small hat collection Jewels Hiver 1951For sale.
Améthyste from the small hat collection Jewels Hiver 1951For sale.
Emeraude from the small hat collection Jewels Hiver 1951For sale.
Topaze from the small hat collection Jewels Hiver 1951For sale.
Dress in midnight blue velvet with sequins.
Klänning StinaP ull smaragdgrön skärp
Dress in emerald green wool
Klänning StinaP siden grön omsydd brudklänning
A wedding dress in green silk, re-fashioned to a cocktail dress
Klänning StinaP siden grön barnklänning omsydd brudklänning
The leftovers of the wedding dress above; made into a children's dress.
Kjol StinaP ullcrêpe magenta
Pleated skirt in magenta coloured wool crêpe
Cape StinaP sammet chokladbrun huva
Cape in chocolate brown velvet with hood
Klänning StinaP siden crêpe satin lila strasskärp
Dress in dark purple crêpe satin silk with rhinestone belt
Klänning StinaP sidendupion påfågelblå
Dress in peacock blue and silver silk dupioni and lots of fabric.
Coiffe StinaP sidenchiffong struts turkos
Cocktail hat / fascinator in silk chiffon and ostrich feathers
Turban StinaP sidendupion svart stenar
Cocktail hat / fascinator in silk duponi with jet stones
Blus StinaP siden crèmefärgad avtagbar krage
Silk blouse with covered buttons and two detachable collars
Brudklänning StinaP fotograf Jenny Sandberg sidensatin
 Wedding dress with cocktail hat / fascinatior in silk satin
More to read
Photographer / Fotograf Jenny Sandberg.
Coiffe StinaP sidensation flor vit bröllopshatt
Cocktail hat / fascinator for a bride, in silk satin and veil
Kjol StinaP ull svart jaquardvävd Diorveck
Pencil skirt with Dior pleat in wool
Kjol StinaP ull graffitgrå
Maxi skirt in dark grey wool.
Kjol StinaP ullcrêpe grågrön godet
Skirt in green grey wool crêpe with five metres in the hem 
Klänning StinaP sidensyntet silvergrå La Cigale Christian Dior
Silvergrey dress with kimono sleeve inspired by La Cigale by Christian Dior
Underkjol StinaP tyll siden svart peplum
Petticoat in tulle and silk with detachable peplum.
Brudklänning StinaP sidendupion ljusrosa klädda knappar
Wedding dress in pink silk dupioni and covered buttons
Klänning StinaP sidendupion korall motveck
Coral red dress in silk dupioni with pleats
Cape StinaP sammet crèmefärgad stassknapp
Short cape in crème coloured velvet with rhinestone button
Klänning StinaP pajsiden himmelsblå empireskuren
Evening dress with empire waist in skyblue silk
Coiffe StinaP paljettbroderad fjäder
Cocktail hat / fascinator covered with sequins.
Kjol StinaP tyll ripsband svart
Tea lenght skirt in tulle.
Underkjol StinaP tyll siden crèmefärgad
Petticoat in crème coloured silk and tulle.
Kjol StinaP cashmere ull ripsband grå
Full skirt in grey cashmere
Coiffe StinaP pärlbroderad flor
Cocktail hat / fascinator embroidered with pearls and veil.
Turban StinaP siden crèmefärgad
Turban in crème coloured silk.
Hatt StinaP stråhatt Breakfast at Tiffany's
Straw hat as in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Hatt StinaP hårfilt smaragdgrön
Emerald green hat
Klänning StinaP tyll blå halterneck
Halterneck dress in tealength in dark blue tulle.
Coiffe StinaP tyll blå
Cocktail hat / fascinator in blue tulle.
Klänning StinaP sidendupion guldgrön strass skärp
Cocktail dress in golden green silk dupioni with rhinestone belt
Klänning StinaP bomull gulvit mönstrad tyllunderkjol
Summer dress in black, white and yellow, shown with petticoat.
Klänning StinaP bomull rosa vit prickig
Summerdress in pink cotton.
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